Wednesday, December 1

Snow is falling...

The title gives it away a little, but yes, the Betty Hula Beauty team are snowed in! We would like nothing more than to open our doors to a beautiful, sunny Hawaiian day but instead are greeted by two feet of snow trying to get in! On the plus side the snow is a great excuse for mince pies and hot chocolate, so we are feeling all Christmassy!

The Clothes Show Live opens on Friday and we want to be there for the whole show so we can meet you all and let everyone try our scrumptious products. Join us in keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cheers up so we can all get down (or up) to the show!
In the meantime don't forget to look after your skin in this super harsh weather - our indulgent Champagne & Spice moisturiser is perfect for the Christmas season and is full of shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E to protect your skin from the winter chill!

We are also super excited to have our gorgeous beauty oil 'The Secret' featured on as one of their top Christmas beauty secrets! Check out the rest of their website for fabulous beauty tips for the festive period. Hope you have a fab time in the snow hunnies, are any of you going to be coming to the Clothes Show to see us?


  1. Lovely!!
    I would love to go to the show but I am afraid I live too far away!
    It has not snowed here yet but I am so looking forward to it!

  2. A shame you cant go hun but we will take lots of pictures for you and post them on the blog if we make it through the snow :)

  3. Good luck with the show, can't afford tickets, hope it goes well xx

  4. Thanks Gem, just setting up for the show now and very excited. Will try post some pics for everyone who can't make it x

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